December 18, 2018

How to Unlock Password Protected Excel File

With the increasing popularity and usage of the internet, nothing can be guaranteed to be safe without a form of protection. Currently, password protection is one of the most popular and widely used method of securing files and data. The knowledge of how to unlock […]
December 18, 2018

How to Remove Password Protection from Ms Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003

Microsoft Excel is a very famous software that we use in our daily life. And usually we store our important data in an excel file. So locking the excel file with a password is an obvious reason for security. Also you can’t access a password […]
December 15, 2018

How to Open A Password Protected Excel File 2003/2007/2010/2013/2017

“I was working on a specific spreadsheet a month ago, back then I saved the file with a password but now I can’t open it as I forgot the password completely. I need it for the presentation tomorrow, in serious trouble. Please help!” Getting stuck […]
December 6, 2018

How to Crack Excel File Password of MS 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003

Most of the people who work with Spreadsheets generally use a password protection. It is a very intricate document and it is for everyone who just wants to view the file. But for some people, this extra caution becomes a nightmare, as they forgot the […]
December 6, 2018

How to Break Password of Excel File 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003

Protecting an important file on the computer is recommended for every user. The main reason behind this is to protect the file from hackers and unknown third-party intruders. But the user gets frustrated if that extra layer of protection is even stopping the user from […]
December 6, 2018

How to Unprotect Excel Workbook/Sheet without Password 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003

Anyone would get very frustrated if they are unable to access their important MS documents when the time comes. If the provided extra protection becomes the user’s downfall then there is nothing worse. But most people fail to acknowledge the fact that, the MS Excel […]