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PDF Password Recovery is an easy-to-use password unlocker which allows you to recover lost or forgotten passwords for protected PDF files.

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What is PDF Password Recovery

PDF Password Recovery is an extraordinary and powerful program developed by WinPassKey to break the encryption of locked PDF files. This is a password recovery program for PDF files that is easy to operate and effective on all type of PDF files.This is a very advanced program that uses a state of the art algorithm and provides easy password recovery for the users. The program is designed to run all the versions of Microsoft Windows; so you don’t need to worry whether the program would run on your computer or not. PDF Password Recovery uses 4 different type of attack modes, lifting the recovery rate to 100%. It is a very secure program; so if you are bothered as you are using an unknown program on your computer, don’t be! WinPassKey realized this concern of the users and developed the program accordingly. If your computer is running on powerful CPU then your password recovery will be even faster. In any rare occasion, if the program fails to perform accordingly then rest assured you will get your money back, according to the company’s policy.

Who Should Get PDF Password Recovery

As a PDF password recovery tool, anyone who is struggling with a locked PDF file should download the PDF Password Recovery without wasting any moment. Anyone who deals with a lot of PDF files or lost the password of their own file or stuck with a very important file that needs to be opened right away, this tool is perfect for the job. After downloading this program user needs to install it and use it to recover the forgotten password for that locked PDF file.

Key Features of PDF Password Recovery

As the most advanced PDF password recovery program, PDF Password Recovery comes with many stellar features. They are detailed below:

  • First of all, this program is capable of recovering the password for a locked PDF file very easily.
  • It can also recover the Master Passwords for PDF files, it requires the password to change the permission settings.
  • All types of PDF files are supported made by any version of Adobe Acrobat, which includes Acrobat 6.0/7.0 and X and even later versions.
  • The program uses 4 different types of password recovery methods resulting 100% success rate in password recovery.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

Windows Compatibility

If you are worried about the compatibility of this password recovery tool, be rest assured that it has got your back. This is a very powerful program designed with advanced technology, the developers made it sure that this program is available for every user.So, if you are a Windows user, this program will run on any version of Microsoft Windows: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/8.1/10 (both 64 and 32 bit)

PDF Version Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, PDF Password Recovery is a very advanced PDF password recovery tool. As it was designed to run on every version of Microsoft Windows, it also made sure that the program is also capable of recovering password for different type of PDF files.The program advertises its capability of unlocking every version PDF files; including PDF/A, PDF/E, PDF/X, PDF/UA and PDF/VT.


Generally, users refrain from installing an unknown program developed by an independent company due to the concern for their device and the data inside it. Keeping these concerns of the users in mind, WinPassKey created this password recovery program for PDF files.You don’t need to worry about this program. It is 100% malware and virus free that will no way harm your computer or files. No data loss or any type of damage!

Ease of Use

PDF Password Recovery is the best PDF file password recovery tool. The program has a great and simple interface which can be used by anyone without proper knowledge of computers, simply to unlock encrypted PDF files in an instant. The program also comes with the promise of 100% successful password recovery without harming the file, itself. The advance algorithm of the program ensures a fast password recovery. The procedure to unlock the PDF file is also very simple, just install the program and open the locked PDF file inside the program. Then select an appropriate attack type and click “Start” to recover the password for that locked file. After the successful recovery a message will pop-up with the recovered password.

How to Recover PDF Password with PDF Password Recovery

Recover passwords for files and archives

Step 1
Launch Password Recovery Bundle after installation, there are 3 section on the main interface. To recover PDF file password, just choose “Recover Passwords for Files and Archives” to enter.

Choose PDF Password Recovery

Step 2
Then you can see 7 password recovery tools which can help you recover passwords for files and archives. If you lost or forgot PDF password, just choose “PDF Password Recovery” to enter.

add protected pdf document

Step 3
In this step, click on “Open” button and then open the password protected PDF file you want to recover password.

choose pdf password attack type

Step 4
There are 4 PDF password attack types you can use: Dictionary Attack, Brute Force with Mask Attack, Brute Force Attack and Smart Attack. You are able to customize the Dictionary Attack settings and Brute Force with Mask Attack settings. Select appropriate attack type and fefine settings. Then click on “Start” button to start PDF password recovery.

Step 5
After the progress completed, the correct password will be displayed in a pop-up window. Just copy the password to open your protected PDF file.

User Reviews of PDF Password Recovery

Quite frankly I don’t use PDF files too much but I had a few of my personal documents converted into a PDF file and locked them with a password. Unfortunately, it was a long time ago and after years when I really need it, I couldn’t remember the password for it. It was a very uncertain time for me, and I appreciate the help provided by this software.
It was my father who got locked out of his official document due to a mishap happened at the office. Thankfully, I had the knowledge of this password recovery program for PDF files and was able to help my father. Best program ever!
It was good old me who was trying to learn how to use a PDF file and got myself locked out my presentation. Thankfully, my friend did the same thing a few months back and suggested me to use this password recovery program. Highly recommended!!

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PDF Password Recovery is the renowned program that recover lost and forgotten passwords on the Adobe PDF. It also displays competency in performance in terms of 100% recovery rate that is fast and accurate.

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