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October 7, 2018

Top 5 Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tools 2021

Whenever you forget your password to access your Windows 10, a password reset tool always comes in handy. They are used to recover or reset lost user or administrator passwords used to log on to Windows operating systems. So basically, you are hacking into your […]
October 6, 2018

How to Find Passwords Used on My Computer Windows 10/8/7

Stored User Names and passwords in Windows lets you access automatically various accounts on websites for examples, applications, servers, resources; all of this without having to enter your password every single time. It’s certainly a useful feature. However, if you are curious or for some […]
September 28, 2018

How to Use Ophcrack for Windows 10 Password Reset

Oh my! Have you forgotten your password for logging into your Windows 10? Losing your password for your computer is the worse. The utter feeling of helplessness and despair at not being able to access your files. It’s even worse if you don’t have a […]
September 27, 2018

Hiren’s BootCD 16.2 ISO Free Download

Lost your password to your Windows computer? What a loss… All those files and data lost forever. Or is it? If you a looking for a way to crack your Windows password and access your pc, you’ve come to the right place. Read below to […]
September 25, 2018

How to Restore Gateway Laptop to Factory Settings without Password

Gateway laptops just like any other brand of laptops might fail to respond may due to system crash or virus and you will need to reset it to default setting. In an event that you want to factory reset your Gateway laptop without password then […]
September 22, 2018

How to Reset Sony Vaio Laptop Forgot Password without Disk

It is no doubt that forgetting your Sony Vaio laptop password will get you in a shocking surprise. You will involuntarily freak out and have collywobbles under your belly. No more fun. No more access to your precious data. Arguably you have all the reasons […]
September 21, 2018

Ophcrack Alternative to Fix OphcracK Password Not Found in Windows 10/8/7/XP

Your friend or a sibling has just informed you that they cannot login in to their Windows computer. You try to reach out to Ophcrack as a solution to regain access. But whoops! Ophcrack failed to crack password. You are now in more trouble than […]
September 20, 2018

How to Delete Administrator Account in Windows 7 without Password

Are you being faced with this conundrum forgotten administrator password situation? Or you just bought and shipped this Windows 7 computer and coming in a surprised it is password secured? Now you are in a dilemma which remedy to take either to re-install the Windows […]
September 19, 2018

How to Break Administrator Password in Windows 7/8/10 without Login

You really had a lot of commitments in your workplace and now you are feasibly exhausted. You decide to sit on computer to chill a bit your mind or to finish certain task and compile documents before retiring to bed. But wait! You are getting […]
September 19, 2018

How to Reset Microsoft Surface Tablet Forgot Password

“I forgot my surface password can someone show me how to reset surface rt forgot password effectively.” Microsoft surface is a hybrid of Microsoft tablet with a touchscreen that are travel friendly. With this Microsoft surface tablet, you can use it to respond to emails, […]