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November 29, 2018

How to Unlock a Windows 8/8.1 Computer without Password

Unable to get access to your computer as you have forgotten the password. Don’t worry, it happens, and a very common form of mishap these days but there are also solutions available. You will get to know how to unlock Windows 8 computer in details […]
November 28, 2018

Kon Boot Alternatives Free Download for Windows 10/8/7 If Not Working

There are a huge number of Windows PC users around the world. We use our computers for various purposes. From professional to personal life, everywhere we are using our Windows computers. So we keep all of our most important files, documents, pictures, songs, videos, notes […]
November 27, 2018

Best Alternative of iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer & How to Use

We often want to keep our computers protected and hence take the help of passwords in order to do so. We also always remember the password and seldom some accidents happen and we are locked out of our Windows. Then we plan on reinstalling the […]
November 26, 2018

Forgot Windows Vista Home Premium Password Reset

Passwords are designed to protect your precious device from unauthorized usage but it is very easy for you to become that unauthorized person if you forget the password. It will be impossible for you to access your own device. Windows provides a lot of security […]
November 24, 2018

How to Remove Laptop Password Windows 10/8/7

Account passwords are very important and really essential to protect your personal data. But what if you somehow forget the password? You won’t be allowed to get access to your own data and that is really unfortunate isn’t it? It has happened to a lot […]
November 22, 2018

How to Reset Gateway Laptop Password on Windows 7/8/10

“I have locked out of my Gateway Laptop and I have no idea how to access it. I have some important documents on that laptop. Please help!”. Gateway is one of the many popular desktop manufacturers. If you are locked out from one of your […]
November 21, 2018

Locked Out of Windows 7 Account, 5 Solutions to Fix

We use a password to lock our computers and usually, we are able to remember it. But accidents do happen and it can be quite frustrating if you are locked out of Windows 7. We are humans after all! This is a very common issue […]
November 17, 2018

How to Factory Reset Hp Laptop on Windows 10/8/7 without Password

Bought a used/refurbished Windows 10 HP laptop and want to factory reset to get started? Is it password protected and you don’t have a clue about it? If yes, then you are in trouble! But don’t worry, you can factory reset HP laptop easily if […]
November 17, 2018

How to Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop Windows 7/8/10 without Password

Lenovo is a brand famous in the tech industry because it makes quality laptops and other tech products for its users. The secured and stylish laptops from Lenovo are very much likeable to any tech lover because of the advanced features. Some laptops even have […]