PDF Password Recovery

PDF Password Recovery is an easy-to-use password unlocker which allows you to recover lost or forgotten passwords for protected PDF files.

How to Recover PDF Password with PDF Password Recovery

Step 1
Launch Password Recovery Bundle after installation, there are 3 section on the main interface. To recover PDF file password, just choose “Recover Passwords for Files and Archives” to enter.
Step 2
Then you can see 7 password recovery tools which can help you recover passwords for files and archives. If you lost or forgot PDF password, just choose “PDF Password Recovery” to enter.
Step 3
In this step, click on “Open” button and then open the password protected PDF file you want to recover password.
Step 4
There are 4 PDF password attack types you can use: Dictionary Attack, Brute Force with Mask Attack, Brute Force Attack and Smart Attack. You are able to customize the Dictionary Attack settings and Brute Force with Mask Attack settings. Select appropriate attack type and fefine settings. Then click on “Start” button to start PDF password recovery.
Step 5
After the progress completed, the correct password will be displayed in a pop-up window. Just copy the password to open your protected PDF file.

Password Recovery Bundle - PDF Password Recovery

Password Recovery Bundle – PDF Password Recovery is the renowned program that recover lost and forgotten passwords on the Adobe PDF. It also displays competency in performance in terms of 100% recovery rate that is fast and accurate.