January 5, 2019

How to Remove Password from ZIP/WinZIP File

If you want to compress some files together inside a single file and password protect it so that no one else can access it except you, then it’s really good for you. But what happens when you are unable to remember your password anymore because […]
January 5, 2019

How to Unlock ZIP/WinZIP File Password with/without Software

ZIP/WinZIP files are one of the most useful ways of keeping a lot of files compressed together as a single file. Keeping a lot of important files or documents compressed inside a packed file is important for you to save storage and maintaining security. If […]
January 2, 2019

How to Unlock Password Protected PDF File for Editing

PDF files are very common and we use it frequently in our day to day lives. They can be protected with a password in case you don’t want it to be edited or seen by someone else. But what if you locked the PDF file […]
January 2, 2019

How to Open Secured PDF Document If Forgot Password

“I password protected a PDF file recently and I simply forgot PDF password? I am stuck with it now. Is there any way I can open my PDF file again? Please help!” PDF is the most popular format used for sending or receiving files. Any […]
January 2, 2019

How to Break or Hack Password From Adobe PDF Files

Adobe PDF files are playing an important role in our personal and professional life every day. You can easily document texts, images etc. inside a pdf file like an online book. They are very helpful and useful for people who like to keep softcopy of […]
January 2, 2019

How to Open Password Protected ZIP File without Password

ZIP files are available all over the Internet. It is probably the most popular extension to archive one or multiple files for storage purposes. But you may face a situation where a downloaded Zip file is locked with a password and you are unable to […]
January 2, 2019

How to Crack Encrypted ZIP/WinZIP File Password

We all know, a ZIP file is the most useful and one of the most popular extensions you can use to archive your files. It is able to reduce the size of any file significantly. It also comes with very strict privacy and security settings. […]
December 27, 2018

How to Break RAR/WinRAR Password with/without Software

If you want to compress some files together into a single file and also decrease the file size without damaging them, then WinRAR is the best tool for it. This process is very helpful for us because we can reduce the file size and use […]
December 26, 2018

How to Unprotect A MS Word Document with/without Password

Microsoft office programs are famous for their various uses in our professional and personal life. Microsoft Word is one of those programs and if you use this program, you know how important every document is. These files contain various information including data, images, charts, deals […]